Jeannie McGillivray's leadership and culture skills can help you become aware and brought forth into the world.

Let's be the change

We face so many pressing challenges, from climate change and environmental degradation to poverty, inequality and human rights abuses. We need change, and to get change, we need changemakers. I want to inspire you to be a changemaker.

Business Leader
Medical herbalist
Impact investor

Author Jeannie McGillivray, exemplifying heart leadership, flanked by mountain peaks and open arms, symbolising strength and visionary guidance.


Jeannie McGillivray

Jeannie McGillivray is a mission-driven CEO/founder, entrepreneur, herbalist, investor, mentor, mystic, and maverick. She's a changemaker.  Changemakers confront challenges head-on, foster innovation, and drive progress on critical issues. She inspires others to be changemakers, too. Here's how she does it.

Let's build something incredible


Jeannie has been CEO of the software development studio Remote for over two decades. She leads a dedicated team of strategists, designers, developers, and product experts who leverage technology to revolutionise how we live and work. 

Remote become strategic partners crafting bespoke software solutions to make more impact with fewer resources. The team combine their expertise with their client's vision and ambition to create software that's not just functional but a catalyst for growth and innovation. 

Jeannie McGillivary, leader of successful business, Remote, works towards a higher purpose driving sustainable transformation.
The Valleys

Where the ancient art of herbal medicine meets product innovation for entrepreneurs at the top of their game.

The Valleys

As founder of The Valleys, Jeannie expertly blends organic botanical ingredients to create preparations that harness adaptogens, anti-inflammatories, nervines, nootropics and medicinal mushrooms to deliver the edge entrepreneurs need to elevate their impact.

A formally trained herbalist, visionary and entrepreneur, Jeannie fuses the ancient knowledge of Western Herbal Medicine and Eastern Ayurvedic herbs to create preparations formulated to achieve specific outcomes for contemporary life. 

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